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Behaviour Change and Social Marketing

We assist governments and NGOs to plan, implement, and evaluate a wide range of behaviour change and social marketing program throughout Australia.

Our approach reflects the latest thinking in:

Our pragmatic frameworks help to make the complex simple. They’re based on academic rigour but adapted to work in the real world and flexible to be tailored to specific behaviours and to audiences that are sensitive or hard to engage.

Behaviour change and social marketing diagram - TNS Australia

There are four primary tools available to Government and NGOs to change peoples’ behaviour:

Our Behaviour Change strategies consider how to best utilise each tool to create the optimal mix for the specific behaviour and target audience in question.

The Behaviour Change Institute

Comprising senior TNS researchers and leading international academics, TNS Global established The Behaviour Change Institute to apply the latest thinking in behavioural sciences and behavioural economics to develop an industry-leading framework to guide our research in this area. National governments and major NGOs around the world use the TNS Behaviour Change Framework to help them plan, implement, and evaluate behaviour change and social marketing programs.