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Using Data Insights for Smart Growth Strategies

In a world awash in data our Marketing Science Centre (MSC) experts uncover real insights to clearly identify how your business can grow.

The TNS Australia’s Marketing Science Centre (MSC) combines specialist technical skills with generalist research skills and marketing knowledge to identify the most effective insights and communicate them to our clients in a clear and concise manner to create a commercial advantage.

The MSC team offers two streams of services. The first involves the full alphabet soup of statistical methods, from exploratory methods like segmentation, factor analysis and mapping, through to predictive methods such as regression, choice and conjoint modelling and econometric modelling. We can apply these methods to primary survey data or can work with your “big” databases, to discover insights you didn’t know you had.

The second involves the creation of interactive reporting tools and dashboards, for delivery of data to your desktop in a way that is readily informative and transferable to other documents. Whether you ask for MSC by name or not, we are often the engine behind the research, ensuring the best quality results are found in the most efficient manner possible.

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