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Kathy O'Donoghue

Kathy O'Donoghue – TNS Australia – Social and Government

Kathy is an Executive Director and the national Head of TNS Social Research in Australia. A highly experienced social researcher and evaluator, Kathy focuses on both program evaluation and communications development and evaluation.

Kathy’s program evaluation work ranges from large-scale national projects across high profile policy areas to smaller social return on investment evaluations. She is also the Australian lead of TNS Global’s ‘Program Evaluation Taskforce’, which links together key thought leaders and academics in program evaluation across the global business. In the area of communications development and evaluation, Kathy works towards the delivery of policy information and those seeking a behavioural response.

Across both program evaluation and communications development, Kathy specialises in sensitive topics including mental health, sexual health, disability, cancer, and refugees and asylum seekers. She is also a leading practitioner of research with teenagers and young people in the areas of literacy and numeracy, mental health, sexual health, violence, and school-based research; and also in Indigenous research across health and wellbeing, sexual health and education.

Kathy is a full member (since 1999) and past State Treasurer of the Australian Market and Social Market Research Society (AMSRS) WA Division and winner of the ‘Best Paper Award’ at the AMSRS WA state conference in both 2006 and 2009. Kathy is accredited as a Qualified Practicing Market Researcher (QPMR) under the AMSRS’s professional certification scheme and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons in Public Relations) from Curtin University.