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Navigating the Touchpoints Revolution

Consumers today experience brands in more ways than ever before, and every experience has the potential to change their attitude and behaviour towards your brand. Connected consumers no longer engage with defined brand experiences. Now brands, experiences and purchase journeys are self-assembled in consumer’s minds using touchpoints of their choosing, for purposes of their choosing, at the moments of their choosing.

Businesses are having to rapidly adapt to this new world order. However, marketers often don’t have a holistic view across all brand touchpoints to help them prioritise spend and maximise ROI. In this four part video series, we share our latest thinking on the exciting and challenging world of Touchpoints. We will share how we’re helping businesses to identifying the Touchpoints that matter; so you can extend your brand’s message more impactfully and optimise return on media spend. Because the businesses and brands who have the ability to understand touchpoints, align them, and respond to them, will increasingly distinguish themselves from the rest.

Understanding Touchpoints
Anne Rayner

Managing Fragmentation
Ed Steiner

Managing Silos
Ryan France

Navigating The Touchpoints Revolution
Anne Rayner